What we do is not ‘traditional’ PR and reputation management.

We only work with individuals, acting as personal advisors in every aspect of your public and business life. The results we achieve are transformational.

But to achieve these results takes time, total dedication to your needs, and requires a dedicated team working with exceptionally high intensity, for long periods of time, at your disposal 24/7/365.

That means we can’t take on everyone that comes to us for help – and it also means that we are not cheap.

At the outset, we charge a brief fee of US$100,000, which covers all our work for the first three months.

Should clients choose to carry on working with us from month four onwards, we charge a minimum of US$33,000 per month, but as our work is bespoke and is priced according to your needs, it may well be higher.

Clients are not held to any minimum contract period, and should they wish to end the arrangement, we simply ask for a month’s notice. From month four onwards, we invoice monthly, at the start of each calendar month, for that month ahead, on 30 day payment terms.  We also offer 5% discount for quarterly payment upfront, and 10% discount for payment half-yearly upfront.

We pride ourselves that you will never receive a bill which comes as a shock.

Once we have agreed a fee, your retainer invoice will have no ‘hidden extras’ – it will already include any resources/collateral we decide together are necessary to achieve your goals (such as websites, newsletters, podcasts, video and photography work). Clients can relax knowing that any work we then recommend is truly in their own interest – as we are not trying to ‘upsell’ them extra work to increase our overall fee.

Typically the only extras on our invoice would be any travel expenses agreed in advance. For example, if you wished for us to accompany you to speaking opportunities and networking events, such as Davos. We are happy for clients to arrange and pay for our travel and accommodation directly (should that better suit), although we only fly business class (and upward) to ensure we arrive alert and ready to work.

We always agree a retainer which is sustainable for both of us in the long term, and then start work immediately at that agreed rate. For clarity, this means is that we are unable to do any work on a reduced-cost ‘introductory’ basis, even where potential for future escalation is promised.  This reflects the reality of our work model; that the first few months are the most resource intensive, and we only start to make profit when the relationship becomes long-term.

We also do not work on a commission or agency-based model. This means clients retain 100% of any speaking fees (and other income) our work generates. In our experience this is the only way to build an effective relationship and deliver measurable, sustainable results.

We accept payment via bank transfer, Visa or Mastercard.